Bitter sweet dream

The song begins, the piano plays
Dreaming through music, one of many ways.

I walk through the gate, my day has been long.
I’m finally here, now nothing is wrong.

I hear footsteps, a smile comes to my face.
Then comes along your sweet embrace.

I see your eyes, a look soo sincere.
I open my arms, i hold you near.

My lips to your forehead, the perfect height.
Never has the day seemed this bright.

You hug me tight, i squeeze you more.
I’ve dreamed this countless times before.

I smell your hair, i rest my chin.
Finally peace has settled within.

You call me baby, i do the same.
Everything now feels right as rain.

You wear your glasses, i think theyre cute.
You giggle softly, everything becomes mute.

Your hand grabs mine, you take me in.
You ask me how my day has been.

It’s mostly the same, nothing important to pin.
only with you does it truly begin.

On your red couch we sit , then towards me you lean.
I’m constantly seeing the same exact scene.

My stomach growls, you hear me cough.
You ask if i want beef stroganoff.

I always say yes, and you would already know.
Once again as always, my heart surely grows.

We watch bad girls club, even one tree hill. Made me enjoy watching the OC against my free will.

The sun is gone and so has the time, you bring your lips close to mine.

I feel you smile as you tickle my nose,
You taught me to kiss and keep my eyes closed.

Your mother walks in, we pretend to sleep.
The laughter we try our hardest to keep.

I look at the time, i really must go.
Looking back now, i wish it were slow.

You look a little sad, i start to feel it too.
Every perfect day, began and ended with you.

I slip on my shoes, you grab me from behind.
Such a warm feeling, wish to rewind.

I kiss you gently, then i walk out the door.
You run towards me to hug me once more.

You tippy toe up as i hug from below,
I tell you i love you, more than you could ever know.

I wake from my dream, i try not to cry.
I sit up in bed, i let out a sigh.

Bitter then sweet, cant help but to smile.
The same old dream, five years is a while.

I told you I’d love you, no matter where you went.
When I said forever, forever i meant.


whoa, god has a picture of me!


whoa, god has a picture of me!






by iguhit.tumblr.com